What we do

Dewitte & Partners is a Luxembourg-based strategic management and economic advisory firm. Dewitte & Partners Founder and Managing Director, Dirk Dewitte, and partners have a long track record in the financial services industry and international business operations. The Dewitte & Partners’ team of experienced professionals cover all facets of our clients’ business requirements across financial services and business operations, covering numerous industry sectors.

Our services stem from our deep knowledge of the local Luxembourg and European business markets, as well as the Chinese and Asian business markets.

Dewitte & Partners streamlines the complex process of expanding business into global markets, without losing core business values in the transition.

Dewitte & Partners offers strategic guidance and cultural coaching. A key part of what we do is ensuring understanding between business partners and keeping communications crystal-clear, especially across different continents and cultures.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality services, which involves conducting thorough surveys of all actors, potential competitors and/or future business partners for our clients.