Sino-European Investment Platform

At Dewitte & Partners, we help Chinese clients find European investments that match their values and priorities.

Dewitte & Partners coordinates a unique investment concept: the Sino-European Investment Platform, or SEIP. The SEIP is tailored for wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs and second-generation leaders of asset-rich families, and is dedicated to matching these clients with the investments they are looking for.

“Soft investments” are often overlooked when introducing Chinese clients to European business opportunities. At Dewitte & Partners, we believe that these are vital to maintaining the values of Chinese companies when doing business overseas. We categorise these important assets into four areas: events, wealth connection, education, and etiquette. Each forms a cornerstone of our SEIP platform.

In addition to these four cornerstones, the SEIP is also designed to provide opportunities in the most attractive industries from a Chinese perspective, for example, real estate, TMT, luxury brands, arts and finance, mining and resources, hospitality, and consumer business.

No matter the industry, Dewitte & Partners works with top firms and contacts to provide the highest quality direct and indirect services for both Private Equity and M&A transactions, ensuring complete client satisfaction in every respect.