Business Set-Up

We put decades of investment experience to work for our clients, making the road to European expansion smooth and easy.

When doing business in Europe, navigating the labyrinth of laws and regulations of twenty-eight separate governments can seem daunting. Dewitte & Partners is dedicated to keeping this process as simple as possible by providing a single entry point that understands the needs of Chinese companies, including their cultural priorities and corresponding business philosophies.

Our strength is founded in years of assisting Chinese clients. In addition to Luxembourg’s unique position in international investment, Dewitte & Partners has the business expertise and the established network needed both in business and in government. This approach, inspired by Chinese “guanxi”, gives our partners the flexibility they need to leverage opportunities, both now and in the future.

Dewitte & Partners streamlines the complex process of expanding Chinese business into global markets, without losing core business values in the transition. From the outset, we treat our clients with the respect, honesty, and friendship needed to establish a long-term relationship.

Our team of experienced professionals cover all aspects of our clients’ business.