Wealth Solutions

We know that money means security for our clients and their families, which is why we help them protect it for generations to come.

Dewitte & Partners provides strategic advice on restructuring worldwide assets, and safeguarding the continuity of our clients’ wealth through the protection of their international investments.

We monitor global asset structures to ensure our partners adapt to the latest rules and regulations.

Our services also include the coordination of management asset holding structures, such as family trusts designed specifically for Chinese investors.

Dewitte & Partners assist Chinese investors in all transactions, including negotiations of M&A transactions and Private Equity deals.

Our open architecture allows us to service clients by focusing on the acquisition and the on going management of specific lifestyle assets, such as houses, yachts, cars, and other valuable properties. Dewitte & Partners’ flexibility also extends to passion investments and finding the perfect securitisation vessel to efficiently crystalise these opportunities into liquid assets.